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MR2 SW20 Sway Bar Reinforcement Bracket (front)


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MR2 SW20 Sway Bar Reinforcement Bracket (front)
Fits: 1989-1999 Toyota MR2 (turbo & non-turbo)

During hard driving and cornering it is common for the Toyota MR2 to have the mounting points for the front sway bar ripped right out of the vehicle's chassis. This has been known to happen not only with upgraded sway bars, but even with stock sway bars. These reinforcement brackets are a simple bolt-in installation that will allow you to continue driving hard without having to worry about your front swaybar.

The finish on these brackets is an industrial strength gloss black powder coating. This means that the coating will never chip or peel off. If you do any sort of spirited driving, auto crossing, road racing or just hard driving in general these are a must for you.